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رَّبِّ زِدْنِى عِلْمًۭا
“O my Lord! advance me in knowledge.”(20:114)

MCNJ Islamic Sunday School is the largest Islamic Sunday school in New Jersey with over 300 students. Since its inception in 1996, it has provided Islamic education to diversified group of students. The school is committed to providing students with excellent quality Islamic education according to the Quran and the Sunnah, based on high moral and ethical values in an Islamic environment.

MCNJ Sunday School Closed Today Due To Inclement Weather

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakaatuhu,
The MCNJ Sunday school will be closed today Jan 18th 2015 due to inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions.  In shaa Allah, we will resume the following week.  The exams will also be postponed for a week.
Jazaakum Allahu khairan,

MCNJ Sunday School Resumes This Sunday 1/11 and Upcoming Exams

MCNJ Sunday school will be resuming in shaa Allah this coming Sunday, 1/11. In shaa Allah, we have a busy upcoming few weeks. Below is the schedule for the next few weeks with respect to the upcoming exams:

Levels 1-8

1/11 Sunday School Resumes
Review for Iman & History Exam
Review for Quran Exam
1/18 Iman & History Exam
Quran Exam
Review Worship & Character Exam
1/25 Worship & Character Exam

Level 9

1/11  Review for 99 Names of Allah Exam
Review for Islam 101: Misconceptions of Islam
1/18 Exams for 99 Names of Allah / Islam 101
Review for Those Promised Paradise
1/25 Exam for Those Promised Paradise

The study guide for the upcoming Iman & History exams for levels 4-8 have been posted on the MCNJ SundaySchool website ( We have been encouraging teachers to post the study guides to the school website before this coming Sunday. I kindly ask parents to continue to check the school website for the study guides that have not yet been posted. Students will though, still receive a handout of the study guides this Sunday for their Iman & History and Quran exams.

Jazaakum Allahu khairan

Surah Memorization Program 2015

MCNJ Sunday School Surah Memorization Program

Date: March 21, 2015 Saturday; Time: 10 am – 2:00 pm
Venue: Iselin Middle School

Surah’s to Memorize:

Level: 7, 8 & 9:        Surah Al-Fath, Al-Jaathiyah & Muhammad
                                       (choose any one)
Level: 5 & 6:            Surah Al-Qaaf, Al-Hujaraat, & Al-Dukhaan
                                       (choose any one)
Level: 3 & 4:            Surah Al-Tahreem, Al-Jinn, & Al-Talaaq
                                      (choose any one)
Level: 1 & 2:            Surah Al-Aalaa, Al-Ghaashiya & Al-Fajr 
                                      (choose any one)

Huffaz will listen to the entire surah and grade students based on the following criteria:

a. Student cannot select a surah that they have memorized previously.

b. Complete memorization of the surah

c. Number of mistakes made during the recitation

  1. Examples of mistakes are:

Skipping a word in an ayat, skipping an ayat, requiring the hafiz to remind of an ayat, incorrect pronunciation of a word (excluding major tajweed rules), wrong harakat on the end of a word (Example: saying a fatha at the end of a word instead of dumma), etc.

  • Please note that although strict tajweed rules will not be enforcedstudents are expected to make an effort to recite the memorized surah with tajweed.
  • All participants must be memorizing the surah for the first time.

Feedback from the Hufaz:

  • Each participant will recite a portion of the memorize surah in front of the huffaz.
  • Each hafiz will provide written recommendations for the student to improve in his or her recitation.


  1. Students with 3 (three) or fewer mistakes will receive the first prize.
  2. Students with 4 (Four) to 6 (six) mistakes will be eligible for the second prize.
  3. All participants with at least half memorization of a surah will be eligible for a participant trophy.
  4. Partial or incomplete memorization of a surah will not be eligible for any award.
  5. Students can choose ONLY one surah assigned to their grade level or select a surah above their grade level.
  6. Pre-K and K-G students can participate by memorizing any surah mentioned above

Registration: Prior registration is required. 
For registration, please contact Br. Najeeb, Br. Niaz, Sis. Isma, and Sis. Munuzza.

Jazak’Allah Khair.
MCNJ Administration.

No School on Dec 21, 28 and Jan 4th

We just received notification from the Iselin School Board today that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Iselin Middle School will be unavailable to us THIS COMING SUNDAY (Dec 21st) through January 4th. As a result, our beloved Sunday school is also forced to closed on these dates.

Again, MCNJ Sunday School is closed for the following Sundays:

Sunday, December 21st ***THIS COMING SUNDAY***
Sunday, December 28th
Sunday, January 4th

We will be returning, in shaa Allah, Sunday January 11th. We will also be forced to postpone the upcoming exams for a week. In shaa Allah, we will be sending out additional details on how these changes will impact the schedule for the exam, poster, speech and upcoming surah competitions. Please be on the look out for further communications from the administration.

Lastly, although there may not be Sunday School for the next few weeks, please ensure that your children are continuing to review what has been covered this first semester so that we can hit the ground running when we return, January 11th, in shaa Allah.

Have a wonderful, imaan-filled winter vacation and see you all in a few weeks.

Jazak’Allah Khair

No School on Nov 30th 2014

Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Due to unavailability of Iselin Middle school for Thanksgiving, there will be no Sunday school this Sunday (Nov 30th).
Insha’Allah Sunday school will re-open on Dec 7th 2014.

Jazak’Allah Khair
MCNJ Administration

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